Planning to Hire Some Escorts? Learn Their Secret Lingo First

It is a cold, hard fact that the sex industry is still a taboo in many cultures. In fact, most escort agencies prefer to be discreet in advertising their adult escorts Sydney services and have even developed their own secret lingo to find clients in areas where there are strict prostitution laws and prostitution bans are imposed.

So, if you’re planning to hire adult escorts Sydney has to offer, you should learn the basics of escort lexicon first:

  • Code Words for Types of Escorts

There are many adult escorts Sydney wide, and some offer a special service to clients.

So, if you’re looking for a specific escort online, it’s important to learn about the code words that you can use to communicate your specific preferences.

For instance, the term “Amazon” means an escort who’s tall and a little masculine.

“Babyback,” on the other hand, means a young and petite Asian escort, while “Carpet Matches the Drapes” means that a client wants to book a natural blonde escort.

  • Code Words for Clients

If there are different code words for hiring escorts online, there are also terms used for clients who hire the services of escorts.

“Trollers,” for instance, are those clients who are new to booking an escort and are looking online to find a girl to hire. A troller can also refer to a client who is rude online.

“Mongers,” on the other hand, are those who constantly hire escorts and enjoy the pleasure of being with one.

“Hobbyists” are those clients who are willing to spend a lot of money on hiring escort service.

Old terms like “John,” “Pimp”, and “Trick” are already taboo these days according to a study in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

  • Code Words for Service

There is a long list of terms for the different services offered by escorts, especially inside the bedroom. Some of the most common acronyms and terms that you will come across include:

  1. BBBJ (Bareback Blow Job): Oral sex without a condom.
  2. Bareback: Having sex without the use of a condom.
  3. DFK (Deep French Kissing): Passionate kissing with the man’s tongue deep into the escort’s mouth.
  4. Duo: A booking involving two escorts.
  5. GFE (Girlfriend Experience): Booking an escort to experience being with a real girlfriend.
  6. Incall and Outcall: Incall means visiting an escort in her flat or a hotel that she booked and paid for. Outcall means the escort will visit you in your hotel or wherever you want to meet her. This is more expensive because some agencies will require additional checks to ensure the security of their escorts.
  7. RP (Roleplaying): Dressing up to the preferred character of the client and acting out a scenario to satisfy sexual fantasies.

The world of escorts sparks a lot of curiosity, that even prostitution bans will not stop clients from booking a girl they want to spend time with. Men are, after all, natural sexual human beings, and they will always look for sexual satisfaction even if it means paying a girl to give them that.