What You Ought to Do Inside a Strip Club

Is it your first time in a strip club? The first unwritten rule in a non-existent rulebook is to know the rules each club sets to avoid problems. You must learn the basic strip club etiquette to maximise your enjoyment and avoid being thrown out of your butt and end up spending your money for a subpar substitute or on nothing at all.

To make your experience more pleasurable, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always ask about the rules.

It’s oftentimes safer for newcomers like you to ask about the rules of a particular strip club as these can vary from one adult lounge to another. One of the most important rules is the “no touching” and “no picture-taking” rules. But, this can be done as long as you ask permission.

  • Decline the right way.

Turning down a private or lap dance offered inside a strip club in a courteous manner is appealing and heart-warming for strippers. A simple “No, thank you.” or “I’m waiting for that girl in red boots” is much more appreciated as this will give the gorgeous girls a notion to not bother you later.

  • Remember to ask about the prices first.

If you don’t want your night to be ruined by facing a bouncer’s intimidating glare, asking you to pay for a staggering bill while inside a VIP lounge, always ask the price before anything else. Even if you are surrounded by beautiful women who can bring you to fantasy island, don’t let the experience burn a hole through your pocket. The situation is completely avoidable so avoid it.

  • Do not bring your mobile phone near the stage.

Most often than not, a strip club places signs to warn visitors to never bring their smartphones near the stage. The management will pinpoint specific areas where mobile phones are allowed. If you won’t listen, you’re blatantly asking for your phone to be trampled on stage.

  • Don’t expect entertainment when you’re not tipping.

If you want a continuous flow of entertainment to your table, be ready to pay up. When it comes to lap dances and stage performances, you need to tip generously to keep the dancers motivated. Always remember that stage tipping is expected and almost mandatory.

  • Never wear sharp accessories and rough clothing.

Leave your complex belts, embellished shirts, wallet chains, and other sharp accessories at home if you are planning to visit a strip club at the end of your shift. Think about having the courtesy to wear a soft pair of jeans or pants. Those girls you’ll meet would be glad to give you a passionate lap dance if you are kind enough to dress for their pleasure and comfort.

  • Avoid using your credit card.

Wonder why the popular advice is to always pay in cash in a strip club? Well, that’s because using your credit card comes with an additional 10% to 20% of service charge. The cost will add up if your bill is quite high.

In a worst-case scenario, you can be ripped off easily for unconsented “tips” and miscellaneous charges. So avoid becoming a victim of shady transactions by paying cash.