How to Pick the Best Strip Clubs

Are you up for a fun-filled night after a long week of work? Or perhaps you’re the best man for your mate’s upcoming wedding and wish to plan a bucks night out in one of the best strip clubs in Brisbane? There must be a lot of questions popping in your mind right now, like “What should you look for in the best strip club?” or “Where to find the best strip club?”.

But, before digging into your pocket to book a VIP room or a bachelor’s party package, make sure that you know what to look for when shopping for a place for your celebration. Aside from asking some recommendations from your mates, you have to do more research.

Check what services the club offers

Lap dances, on-stage pole dancing, VIP and private lounges, entertainment packages, topless waitresses, and poker tables are what you will find in most establishments in general. However, the quality of entertainment is what makes one strip club different from the others.

The dance songs and the program transitions are important as well. Imagine a striptease show with 3-minute to 5-minute dead stage moments, which means that there’s no one on stage performing. What about a club where the girls are just sitting in one corner looking bored? Those scenes can create a distasteful ambiance for guests.

If you want the best strip club in town, choose the one with a strong patronage and where the fun doesn’t stop until dawn.

Find out how much their drinks and other commodities are priced

Yes, drinks offered in strip joints are a little bit more expensive compared to other places. But, they are priced that way for a reason. And it usually already includes the taxes that they are paying to the government. Nonetheless, partying in the best strip clubs simply means that you have the money to pay for their expensive booze.

If you look at it from a different angle, expensive items are oftentimes perceived as the ones with the highest quality. This explains why you can expect to get much better service and food and drinks at high-priced gentlemen’s clubs or as a VIP member at one of the establishments.

Make sure that safety and security is their priority

Bouncers are everywhere. That’s what you would always expect at any strip club. These lads are there to provide security and protection not only for the club personnel and dancers but for the guests as well.

Aside from that, you must expect that the best strip clubs are also equipped with fire alarms, have emergency exits, post building plans on the wall, and place security cameras all over the establishment.

All the abovementioned facilities should be present because it is required by law. It also shows how much strip club owners care to ensure that their employees and customers are safe and secure.