Planning to Hire Some Escorts? Learn Their Secret Lingo First

It is a cold, hard fact that the sex industry is still a taboo in many cultures. In fact, most escort agencies prefer to be discreet in advertising their adult escorts Sydney services and have even developed their own secret lingo to find clients in areas where there are strict prostitution laws and prostitution bans are imposed.

So, if you’re planning to hire adult escorts Sydney has to offer, you should learn the basics of escort lexicon first:

  • Code Words for Types of Escorts

There are many adult escorts Sydney wide, and some offer a special service to clients.

So, if you’re looking for a specific escort online, it’s important to learn about the code words that you can use to communicate your specific preferences.

For instance, the term “Amazon” means an escort who’s tall and a little masculine.

“Babyback,” on the other hand, means a young and petite Asian escort, while “Carpet Matches the Drapes” means that a client wants to book a natural blonde escort.

  • Code Words for Clients

If there are different code words for hiring escorts online, there are also terms used for clients who hire the services of escorts.

“Trollers,” for instance, are those clients who are new to booking an escort and are looking online to find a girl to hire. A troller can also refer to a client who is rude online.

“Mongers,” on the other hand, are those who constantly hire escorts and enjoy the pleasure of being with one.

“Hobbyists” are those clients who are willing to spend a lot of money on hiring escort service.

Old terms like “John,” “Pimp”, and “Trick” are already taboo these days according to a study in the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

  • Code Words for Service

There is a long list of terms for the different services offered by escorts, especially inside the bedroom. Some of the most common acronyms and terms that you will come across include:

  1. BBBJ (Bareback Blow Job): Oral sex without a condom.
  2. Bareback: Having sex without the use of a condom.
  3. DFK (Deep French Kissing): Passionate kissing with the man’s tongue deep into the escort’s mouth.
  4. Duo: A booking involving two escorts.
  5. GFE (Girlfriend Experience): Booking an escort to experience being with a real girlfriend.
  6. Incall and Outcall: Incall means visiting an escort in her flat or a hotel that she booked and paid for. Outcall means the escort will visit you in your hotel or wherever you want to meet her. This is more expensive because some agencies will require additional checks to ensure the security of their escorts.
  7. RP (Roleplaying): Dressing up to the preferred character of the client and acting out a scenario to satisfy sexual fantasies.

The world of escorts sparks a lot of curiosity, that even prostitution bans will not stop clients from booking a girl they want to spend time with. Men are, after all, natural sexual human beings, and they will always look for sexual satisfaction even if it means paying a girl to give them that.

How to Pick the Best Strip Clubs

Are you up for a fun-filled night after a long week of work? Or perhaps you’re the best man for your mate’s upcoming wedding and wish to plan a bucks night out in one of the best strip clubs in Brisbane? There must be a lot of questions popping in your mind right now, like “What should you look for in the best strip club?” or “Where to find the best strip club?”.

But, before digging into your pocket to book a VIP room or a bachelor’s party package, make sure that you know what to look for when shopping for a place for your celebration. Aside from asking some recommendations from your mates, you have to do more research.

Check what services the club offers

Lap dances, on-stage pole dancing, VIP and private lounges, entertainment packages, topless waitresses, and poker tables are what you will find in most establishments in general. However, the quality of entertainment is what makes one strip club different from the others.

The dance songs and the program transitions are important as well. Imagine a striptease show with 3-minute to 5-minute dead stage moments, which means that there’s no one on stage performing. What about a club where the girls are just sitting in one corner looking bored? Those scenes can create a distasteful ambiance for guests.

If you want the best strip club in town, choose the one with a strong patronage and where the fun doesn’t stop until dawn.

Find out how much their drinks and other commodities are priced

Yes, drinks offered in strip joints are a little bit more expensive compared to other places. But, they are priced that way for a reason. And it usually already includes the taxes that they are paying to the government. Nonetheless, partying in the best strip clubs simply means that you have the money to pay for their expensive booze.

If you look at it from a different angle, expensive items are oftentimes perceived as the ones with the highest quality. This explains why you can expect to get much better service and food and drinks at high-priced gentlemen’s clubs or as a VIP member at one of the establishments.

Make sure that safety and security is their priority

Bouncers are everywhere. That’s what you would always expect at any strip club. These lads are there to provide security and protection not only for the club personnel and dancers but for the guests as well.

Aside from that, you must expect that the best strip clubs are also equipped with fire alarms, have emergency exits, post building plans on the wall, and place security cameras all over the establishment.

All the abovementioned facilities should be present because it is required by law. It also shows how much strip club owners care to ensure that their employees and customers are safe and secure.

What You Ought to Do Inside a Strip Club

Is it your first time in a strip club? The first unwritten rule in a non-existent rulebook is to know the rules each club sets to avoid problems. You must learn the basic strip club etiquette to maximise your enjoyment and avoid being thrown out of your butt and end up spending your money for a subpar substitute or on nothing at all.

To make your experience more pleasurable, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Always ask about the rules.

It’s oftentimes safer for newcomers like you to ask about the rules of a particular strip club as these can vary from one adult lounge to another. One of the most important rules is the “no touching” and “no picture-taking” rules. But, this can be done as long as you ask permission.

  • Decline the right way.

Turning down a private or lap dance offered inside a strip club in a courteous manner is appealing and heart-warming for strippers. A simple “No, thank you.” or “I’m waiting for that girl in red boots” is much more appreciated as this will give the gorgeous girls a notion to not bother you later.

  • Remember to ask about the prices first.

If you don’t want your night to be ruined by facing a bouncer’s intimidating glare, asking you to pay for a staggering bill while inside a VIP lounge, always ask the price before anything else. Even if you are surrounded by beautiful women who can bring you to fantasy island, don’t let the experience burn a hole through your pocket. The situation is completely avoidable so avoid it.

  • Do not bring your mobile phone near the stage.

Most often than not, a strip club places signs to warn visitors to never bring their smartphones near the stage. The management will pinpoint specific areas where mobile phones are allowed. If you won’t listen, you’re blatantly asking for your phone to be trampled on stage.

  • Don’t expect entertainment when you’re not tipping.

If you want a continuous flow of entertainment to your table, be ready to pay up. When it comes to lap dances and stage performances, you need to tip generously to keep the dancers motivated. Always remember that stage tipping is expected and almost mandatory.

  • Never wear sharp accessories and rough clothing.

Leave your complex belts, embellished shirts, wallet chains, and other sharp accessories at home if you are planning to visit a strip club at the end of your shift. Think about having the courtesy to wear a soft pair of jeans or pants. Those girls you’ll meet would be glad to give you a passionate lap dance if you are kind enough to dress for their pleasure and comfort.

  • Avoid using your credit card.

Wonder why the popular advice is to always pay in cash in a strip club? Well, that’s because using your credit card comes with an additional 10% to 20% of service charge. The cost will add up if your bill is quite high.

In a worst-case scenario, you can be ripped off easily for unconsented “tips” and miscellaneous charges. So avoid becoming a victim of shady transactions by paying cash.

How to Look for the Best Strip Clubs in Brisbane

You don’t need to organise a buck’s party just to have reasons for going to the strip clubs Brisbane city has to offer. You can go there to de-stress, celebrate a special occasion, or just to enjoy a Friday night out. Over the years, strip joints have become one of the most common places to visit for some entertainment and relaxation.

With the rise of their popularity, these establishments have become more sophisticated and high-class compared to several years ago. However, you should not forget that not all strip clubs are created equal. There are some that can give you your money’s worth, but others are just so subpar that you’d regret you stepped foot inside.

So, next time you plan on spending a night in one of the strip clubs in Brisbane, you want to make sure you go to the best joints.

The Best Strip Clubs: 3 Major Things to Look For

  • Gorgeous strippers

Most people want to enjoy being in the company of beautiful and sexy ladies. Adult clubs allow you to get up close to stunning women and provide you a safe venue where you can stare and admire all you want. Not to mention the extra treat of being served by topless baristas and gorgeous waitresses.

These are primarily the reasons why many people like visiting the top strip clubs Brisbane city can give you; you want to feed your fantasy. But, for you to get what you want, you need to spend some time asking for recommendations as to which clubs have beautiful and stunning ladies. And most importantly, make sure they’re your type.

  • First-rate pleasure

There’s more to booze and beautiful women when you go inside strip joints — it’s the excellent adult entertainment they can offer. Stage dancing, lap dancing, and lots of other nightly pleasures and shows are available. A top club will have a variety of entertainment options for their clientele because they understand that each person has different fantasies they want to fulfill while they’re there.

To find the best strip clubs with the best entertainment and activities, always look for the ones with the most positive reviews online.

  • Reasonable price

You want to make sure that you are getting what you paid for. Therefore, it pays to check out beforehand how much establishments are charging for their services. After that, assess whether the price is reasonable for what they offer. It is also beneficial to find out if they offer any specials, promotions, or packages so you can get great discounts or additional/exclusive services. You should get your money and time’s worth.

In order to make things easier, do your own research online where you can find and compare gentlemen’s club prices and read a lot of useful customer feedback.

Whether you go alone or with your friends for a buck’s party or weekend night out, look for these three important factors to make sure you have an amazing night and to experience the pleasure worthy of the money you spend at the best strip clubs Brisbane city offers.

Enjoy Your Night in the Premier Strip Clubs of Brisbane

Whether you want a wild night out with your best buds or a place to hold your bucks or hen parties, the best place to celebrate is in a strip club. Here in Brisbane you can find an array of strip clubs that provide the most desirable experiences that will make you crave for more.  Strippers, shirtless waiters, party packages and more, all of these can be found at the best Brisbane strip clubs.

Here is a guide as to which strip clubs to visit in Brisbane, perfect to visit with your best friends if you all want to have a little fun.

1 – Centrefold Strippers Brisbane

If your best man or gal pal is getting married any time soon, you can celebrate your hens party or bucks night here at Centerfold Entertainment. Here the groom or bride-to-be can enjoy a night filled with the hottest strippers in town, topless waiters, and avail of the bucks night and hens party package that will make the night extra fun and naughty. Centrefold performers are always ready to give you an exotic strip show for everyone to enjoy. If you wish to hold a party in Centrefold Strippers Brisbane, book through their website as early as possible to get the party you will always remember. They are located at Teneriffe QLD, Australia.

2 – Club Minx

Also known as one of Brisbane’s leading gentlemen’s clubs, here customers enjoy the sight of seductive strippers who give the best lap dances and spa shows that will make the night wild. If you wish to get a little personal, you and your friends can avail of a private dance room where you can get more intimate with the ladies of the club. Also, enjoy the greatest liquor by booking the elite VIP section. Club Minx is located at 153 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane, QLD 4000.

3 – OMFG Adult Lounge

One of the best Brisbane strip clubs to visit is OMFG Adult Lounge. Get wild for the night in a room filled with high-quality alcoholic drinks and sexy women. Have some fun with special deals that will be offered by some hot promo girls. If you wish for more kinky action just step in the lap room and see what goes down. Not to mention this place is an ideal venue to throw a bucks party for the groom-to-be! Parties, great music, and the hottest strippers you could ever ask for, this strip club has everything. OMFG Adult Lounge is located at 367 Brunswick St., Fortitude Valley.

Just take your pick from the three options above. You’ll surely have no regrets when you choose to visit any of them.